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The Lingering Effects of COVID-19

The Long Haul

Regardless of whether you have contracted COVID-19 or have been one of the lucky ones that have avoided it, we all are aware of the symptoms: the fever, the terrible cough, the breathlessness, the lack of taste and smell. All horrible to imagine having an even worse experience. But then, once you recover, those symptoms dissipate, you’ve beat a life-threatening disease! In another week or two, you would assume, you’d be your old self. Everything post-COVID, in comparison, should be sunny and bright. . .but it’s not.

Below are just some of the post-COVID, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, symptoms, and the people that are experiencing them are now being called, “Long Haulers.” As of yet, no study excludes who is susceptible to becoming a “Long Hauler,” but it is clear that people in these 3 groups are most at risk: adults over the age of 50, people with 2 or 3 existing chronic illnesses, or people who had more severe COVID-19 symptoms initially. However, even people only mildly affected by COVID-19 can have lingering symptoms and people who were severely ill might be lucky to be back to normal in 2-3 months. Even if you think that something might be off, come see us, let us give you an honest and thorough consultation so that you can be on your way to your best life!

Our team of medical professionals at Specialty Care Clinics and Crescent Regional Hospital, quickly understood that while the worst symptoms of COVID-19 might be gone, the lingering effects could have more detrimental effects. In a no-holds-barred effort to combat those effects, we created The Post-COVID Clinic. If you are a survivor of COVID and you are having trouble keeping up with your responsibilities at home or at work, then our clinic is what you need.

With a variety of infusions, depending on your symptoms, given via IV, you can have a successful post-COVID life!

Visit us online to schedule an appointment at SpecialtyCareClinics.com, or call 214-475-6078, if any of the following apply to you:

· Fatigue· Abnormal heart rate· Shortness of breath· Diarrhea· Lack of coordination· Muscle weakness· Physical weakness· Depression· Difficulty in swallowing· Insomnia· Cognitive impairment· Weight loss & digestive issues· Skin weakness· Brain fog

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